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Love it! Share it! Sell it! Hows this for exciting news? - You can now sell photobooks through your Pro Gallery!

Here’s how easy it is to sell photobooks

It’s another great way to capture an event or portrait session that’s bound to impress your clients and make them want to buy.

Once your Pro Gallery is set up, you can sell any of the photobooks we offer from Minibooks to Large Personalised Photobooks. Pricing is set per book giving you complete flexibility. Sales can be tracked on your Pro Gallery reporting page and all your earnings will appear on your Pro Gallery sales report as usual.

Got a question? Read the book selling FAQs

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The four easy steps to selling books in Pro Gallery

Go to ‘My creations’ and click ‘Share’ beneath a book

Set a price for your book

Click ‘Add to my Pro Gallery’ then select a gallery and collection

Your book is now available for sale




This new feature is coming soon - watch this space!

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